Other Books by Barbara Jean Ruther

The Strawberry Field, the story of two sisters: Beth, projecting warmth and caring, a luminous smile; and Alyssa, wickedly mean, rumored to practice sadomasochism.


Beth’s husband, Raymond, sees himself as the suave, ultimate, sexually desired specimen. Alyssa craftily lures him into her web of dark, secretive habits. They have no interest in satisfying a partner in their selfish sexual matches, only an exploitative behavior to use each other for their own excitement and gratification.


Raymond contrives to have Beth sign her power of attorney over to him, gives her an entire prescription of antidepressants, and plots to take control of her inheritance. Beth is taken to a private clinic to recuperate.


Beth meets the handsome psychiatrist, Dr. Mitchell Matthews. Is this where Beth will find the beginning of a new life?

Dirt Roads and places they take you book cover

The poetry of Dirt Roads is under subtitles — The Road to Memories, a good place to walk – The Road to Love, and such places – Off The Dirt Roads, to places in my heart – The End of The Road, not even a stop sign. There is also an author’s Short Memoir and memoirs in the form of poetry.



“Couldn’t put it down. Highly recommend. Barbara writes about different life experiences and topics with depth. The reader is easily drawn into her writing. Her poetry is unique with thoughtful word choice and description.” 


“Beautifully written life memories by a very talented author. Vividly written. (bringing strikingly real or lifelike images to the mind).”


“Every poem is a life story.”

Saving Snowflakes in my pocket bookcover

Love’s survival through years of deception. A Love Story.



“A beautiful, elegant novel. The characters are very human and easily related to. Saving Snowflakes in my Pocket is a wholly unique story, and will keep the reader turning the pages. A very good read! I look forward to more work from this new author.”