Xander wrote love notes to Cat: 
I am the soaring hawk 
watching your every move, 
the warbler singing his song for you, 
the child walking in your footsteps. 
I am the pulsing heartbeat, 
the blood in your veins. 
I am the man whispering
of love and promise 
She felt secure, protected, unlike her childhood –  her dream of a loving family became a reality,  – until the secrets began to emerge.

Ruther offers a romantic thriller in which a woman finds strength in dire circumstances.” — Kirkus Reviews

bookcover shadow The Lives of Cats Barbara Ruther

The Lives of Cat

Cat overcomes a dysfunctional childhood to achieve a career in commercial real estate. After an unpleasant experience, she walks out of that job, casting herself with only her positive attitude. Tomorrow is another day. People lose their jobs and go on with their lives and so will I. Planning her next move while strolling the boardwalk, in a moment of recklessness, unlike her character, she crashes an LA pool party and meets Xander Xavier, manager of the Russian-financed Bodyguard Academy in Sonora, Mexico. He woos, marries, and swoops her off to his Compound.  
The hostile leader of the multi-billion-dollar drug cartel in Mexico, knowing Xander has a relationship with the Russian President, Nikolai Ivanov, kidnaps Cat, and aggressively demands cleared entrance into Russia, a thriving drug market he plans to take over from Afghanistan…

Cat is a strong protagonist, the depiction of her resolve amid adversity and heartbreak will win the hearts of many readers. The novel effectively blends its action with a strong moral perspective on the dangers of illegal drugs, and its well-developed characters and fast-paced plot will keep readers attention.” — Kirkus Reviews

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Barbara Jean Ruther

Barbara Jean Ruther is the author of Dirt Roads and Places They Take You – Poetry and Memoirs – a finalist in The New Mexico/ Arizona Book Awards, – and the novels The Strawberry Field and Saving Snowflakes in My Pocket, Love’s survival through years of deception.